Sunday 2/19

A Spanish channel where I speak about all things TTRPGs, mainly Pathfinder 2e.

Cómo Iniciarte en la Industria del Rol?

+2 de Carisma

Hablaremos sobre la idea de entrar a la industria de los TTRPGs desde un país hispanohablante!

We intend to live stream a conversation where we speak about the experience of being a hispanic person trying to enter the TTRPG industry. Co-hosts include Luigi Lizza, Antonio Demico (from Pointy Hat) and Sheppi Rodríguez!

Luis Castro Sánchez

We produce high quality content such as Battlezoo Ancestries Dragons, Year of Monsters, and Eldamon! 

Level Up Your Crafting With Battlezoo Bestiary Monster Parts

Roll for Combat

Ready for the new Crafting System in Treasure Vaults? Mark and Stephen will go over how to incorporate Roll for Combat's BattleZoo Bestiary monster part system into it!

Mark Seifter

Pathfinder 1e Actual Play of the Iron Gods adventure path from Paizo Publishing


Pod Against the Machine

Sam, Gero, Jeff, and Zack join Jason Bulmahn in his zombie apocalypse hack of Pathfinder 2e!

Sam W Tennyson

Author of Pathfinder 3pp and Fiction works. Unfolding Legends in Story, Table, and Paper

Character creation live using Pathfinder Infinite products

Oberon's Forge Press

Join John Holmes (he/him), Tony Saunders (he/him), and Akron (he/him) as they use Pathfinder Infinite products to build their characters. We'll create 4 characters with and then run a single battle to see them in action!

Helen Savore

All Inclusive Fantasy and TTRPG space and home of Edge of Legend

Finding your GM voice


With the TTRPG explosion everyone wants to play but everyone NEEDS a GM. How do you do that? Do you do it like Matt, Brendan, or Abria? Wouldn't it be better instead to do it like the best version of you? In this class I want to help give tools and guide GM's on a beginner class to finding their own voice and style as a GM or taking a style they already have and growing for deeper, engaging story telling, enjoyable fights and challenges to push their players to the next level!

PJ Megaw

Professional GMs Eric Holden & Matt Staples talk gaming, storytelling and more. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of tabletop roleplaying games, a gaming pro, or somewhere in between, you can be assured to learn something that will make your game more interesting, engaging, and most of all fun.

Including characters in your world building

The Goblin's Corner

We'll be doing a session regarding story / world building / character development. Additionally, both of us are comedians!

Eric Holden


Matt Staples

Small Press Game Company making whatever ideas happen to come into Jason Bulmahn's head.

How to hack Pathfinder 2E 

Minotaur Games

Join Paizo game designer Jason Bulmahn as he shows how he hacked Pathfinder 2e to create Hopefinder, set in a modern zombie apocalypse setting

Jason Bulmahn