Saturday 2/18

Lion's Brain Media creates player options, GM material, and adventures for Pathfinder Second Edition.

Creating Pathfinder 2e feats

Lion's Brain Media

Brian will present the process of creating Pathfinder 2e feats (specifically, deviant abilities for the Gatewalkers Adventure Path) using community input collected prior to the session. The final product will then be published on Pathfinder Infinite as a pay-what-you-want for charity donations.

W Brian Lane

The Luminant Age is a Weird Fantasy/Swashbuckling setting for Pathfinder 2nd Edition, inspired by works such as The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Players take the role of a motley assortment of rogues, rascals, and miscellaneous misfits bumming around the Republic of Ourichor, a wealthy, sophisticated, and intrigue-raddled city going through a Renaissance/Industrial Revolution that they call the Luminant Age. It’s a city built atop the ruins of a previous age, squeezed into seven metal platforms in the middle of the ocean.

Gaming the Weird

Luminant Age

Join Masqued Sage Studios Creative Director and Paizo author Mikhail S. Rekun as he talks about the challenges of rendering an exotic, Weird Fantasy world into a player-legible setting that can be actually be used at the gaming table. How do you keep your esoteric high-concept setting from becoming more than just a coffee table display piece?

Topics of discussion include how to make gameable worlds, how to use modules as setting teaching tools, the role of themes and motifs, and the strategic use of lore to repaint 1st party systems.


Two publishing houses specialized in Pathfinder First and Second Edition.

The Legendary Mediums

Legendary Games & Eldritch Osiris Games

This is a partnership between two publishing houses who want to showcase their work through a third party one-shot. It's about a group of creatures from different parts of the world who are drawn into the house of a very powerful medium to learn about their own spiritual potential while solving one of the mansion's grim mysteries.

The players would form a party of 4 different Legendary Mediums (a class with incredibly diverse build potential). At the end of the stream, the two editorials will release the one-shot as a collaborative product on DriveThru and other websites.

Luigi Lizza González

We are the best selling authors of Pathfinder Infinite known for the Classes+ and Omens+ lines books.

New ORCS on the Block!


Team+ colleagues play the intro of the New Orcs on the Block adventure. Come see a great mix of Infinite player products traversing the town of Meravon where new orc enterprises are facing some problems

Tony Saunders

An Australian collective of creatives making high quality TTRPG content.

A View of the Stars


Hijinks and Sinclair's Library present 'A View of the Stars',  a one shot showcasing content from the upcoming release of Sinclair's Library, Almanac and Codex.

Gianni Tills

Official Paizo Licensee for Pathfinder Props 

Creating Immersive Props


Do you love game props, do you really love immersing yourself in the worlds you play in? 

We do, and we are in the development stages of creating some new Pathfinder props and items. Join us in an open discussion group for people who make their own and would like to talk to someone who has been making them in the industry for a long time.

TYPE40 have been creating in world artifacts and props for over a decade with in the pop culture, collector and games industries and now we are bringing our love for immersive gaming to the world of Golarion. 

Allan Carey