Monday 2/20

The Gallant Goblin is a TTRPG publisher with a focus on 5e and Pathfinder 2e that got its start with TTRPG accessory reviews, focusing on minis, on YouTube.

Build Your Setting with World Anvil

The Gallant Goblin

Maybe you're a game master building out a homebrew setting, or a content creator wanting to share your worlds with people. As a player, have you ever wished you had a place like a wiki to document and track the universe you're playing in?

The Gallant Goblin is facing all these challenges as we build out our vision for the actual play "Love & Hate in the Mana Wastes" that will premiere later this year. While it's based on Paizo's "Outlaws of Alkenstar" adventure path, we plan to feature many custom elements in addition to whatever shenanigans our players get up to when they veer off track (and you know they will!).

Enter World Anvil, an extremely popular worldbuilding site that has nevertheless eluded us so far over the years we've been playing TTRPGs. As is the case with many powerful tools, it was intimidating for us to dive into and a lot to take in.

That's why we're bringing on George Sanders to help us—and you!—learn how to get started in World Anvil and explore what it brings to the table. This session will by system agnostic and focus on storytelling and worldbuilding.

George is a long-time World Anvil creator who has built his world of the Anhult Wildlands on there. His work has been featured by World Anvil, most recently in their holiday-themed 2022 ADVENTure Calendar. He is also a game master for Baldman Games, Marketing Wizard for Double Proficiency, and a fellow designer at Ashley Warren's Storytelling Collective."

Grady Wang


George Sanders

Author of Pathfinder 3pp and Fiction works. Unfolding Legends in Story, Table, and Paper

How to publish on Pathfinder Infinite

Oberon's Forge Press

You've written your product, now what?

A step by step session going through advice on editing, formatting, how to for upload into Infinite website.

Helen Savore

Play By Post Discord Bot

Play By Post with Discord Bots

RPG Sage

Discussion about Play by Post gaming on Discord and how RPG Sage enhances such gaming.

Randal Meyer

Skald's Tale Entertainment provides written and actual play adventurers.

The Dragon Rangers

Skald's Tale Entertainment

Skald's Tale Entertainment and The Adventurers' Vault is continuing their partnership of creating shows for conventions and events. This stream will feature the Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons and feature a retired "Dragon Ranger" team. The leader of the team is the only person still on active duty and the last thing seen of him is a brief video asking for help. The rangers come out of retirement as level 10 or 12 characters and look to save him. This features all the power ranger tropes, including dragon zords via the Dragon Form spell. Every character will also being an ancestry featured in BattleZoo: Ancestries.

Christopher Rondeau

Exploding Dice is a series of Live Play TTRPGs spanning different games and genres. Our difference is our professional quality and sense of humor. Our professional DMs, Nexus and CJ bring their joy to the tables, no matter the system, and being entertainment to the audience, no matter the game!

Exploding Dice

Geek IO

The introductory session of a brand new Exploding Dice season where a brand new group of adventurers gather together to see how they can successfully save the world, of sacrifice themselves to do so in the process!

CJ Boat

We are just a group of friends who get really into the stories we tell. We aren't interested in selling anything or being "content creators" as such, but we like sharing our stories. Everything we make is free for anyone, since I got my start running TTRPGs for kids in psych wards and residential group homes, and I never want to put a paywall in front of something that could help somebody. 

Mosaic Team 5: The Diner in the Drift


A team of bounty hunters stop off at Lola's Diner-in-the-Drift to resupply on their way to Akiton, but what should be a routine pickup turns out to be anything but easy. GM Joe Treff leads players Matt, Dan, Cara, and Ari on an extra-special, in-canon one-shot set between session 36 and 37 of the weekly Starfinder campaign "Mosaic Team 5" played live and in-person Thursdays at 6:30pm EST

Joe Treff