The heart of TPK is connecting players with third party content creators for Pathfinder and Starfinder. However, we can't do that unless you become part of the party! We are offering two major ways for content creators to get in touch with players:



CLOSED! Please continue to send in Demo materials!



TIPS FOR A GOOD DEMO: Demo materials are the best way for players and GMs to try your materials before they buy. A demo game will ideally be 1-2 or 3-4 hours long, and either be an original adventure made for TPK sampling your materials, or a sample of an already published adventure. A good model for sample adventures and VTT integration are Pathfinder Bounties. 

Player options, similarly, should be a small selection of materials you already have available to purchase. Neither has to include the full extent of the content you have available, but should be enough to inform the player if they want to buy the full version. For instance, you could submit your class as a pregenerated character with set options, limit the choice in abilities that sample class can select (2/4 class features available for instance), or reduce the level of options available (only level one, or just up to level 5)

On the form, include:


TIPS FOR A GOOD SUBMISSION: Our stream submissions will be prerecorded with one of our cohosts prior to the event date. The recording will be lined up on our streaming schedule during the weekend, and play at least twice before the next date (PST). While this event is in support of third party products, your stream should not just be an overt advertisement. Rather, use the context of your product to have a discussion about a topic. For instance, if you designed a setting, talk about how you designed that setting, giving advice to others who might want to do the same. Your pitch should be able to be copy and pasted onto our schedule (with minor modifications) and be as intriguing to an audience member as it is to the TPK Board.

NOTE FOR ACTUAL PLAYS: Because of the nature of your shows, we'll be running your streams live on the Discord channel in tandem with the pre-recorded stream so that you can get audience participation.

On the form, include: